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JPY Daily Review August 10, 2017

JPY Daily Review for August 10, 2017

SPX Fails Bullish and Bearish Breaks, USD and Yen Reversing?

Sentiment and market positioning seem to be in a ‘pick your poison’ paradox. The backdrop for speculative appetite reads both as stretched and faulty, a


RBNZ surprises with less dovish tone, NZD lower this morning; CHF and JPY ease back after earlier gains

RBNZ kept rates unchanged at 1.75%, and said it expected inflation to rise at a gradual pace. The Reserve bank of New Zealand also went on to say that a weaker kiwi is needed for more balanced growth. The NZD is weaker against both the euro and the USD this morning, after some initial strengthening following the communication.


GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY for Continuation/Reversal of Risk Aversion

Yen strength has shown as risk aversion has begun to get priced-in after Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ comments, opening the door to a couple of


Strategy: Using Yen to Trade Continuation or Reversal of Risk Aversion

The Dollar has begun to tip-toe higher in ‘DXY’, but is this a legitimate move of USD-strength, or more of an unwind scenario on the


USD/JPY and AUD/USD Forecast August 11, 2017

The US dollar fell during the day on Thursday, breaking below the bottom of the hammer from Wednesday and even breaking down below what could have been a ver…


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