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Insider Q&A: Economist Diane Swonk on what’s ahead in 2018

“A: Next year looks like it will be a little north of 2 percent GDP growth, not quite as strong as this year” writes The Associated Press for A: We are starting to get to that point where my hair dresser and the waiter are telling me to buy things in the stock market.Diane Swonk, CEO of DS Economics in Chicago and a past president of the National Association for Business Economics, gives her views on the economic outlook.I think we are going to see four rate hikes in 2018, which is a little more than the markets expect.WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. economic growth has accelerated after a sluggish start to the year, while unemployment has fallen to the lowest point in almost 17 years and the stock market has been climbing to record highs.

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