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IBM and Maersk launch TradeLens blockchain shipping platform to lower costs and ship faster

“As the ledger is shared, it means that the entire supply chain has a single, trusted view of the entire shipment process” writes Mike Wheatley for Using this technology TradeLens connects shippers, shipping lines, freight forwarders, port and terminal operators, inland transportation and customs authorities so that they can interact more efficiently through real-time shipping data and documents.Computing giant IBM Corp. and global shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk Group announced Thursday the official launch of TradeLens, a distributed ledger blockchain platform for tracking shipments and managing supply chains jointly developed by the two companies.Using blockchain technology, it is also possible to enable privacy controls that allow the broadcast of a shipment event without revealing internal details or violating confidentiality while still providing an auditable history and sequence of events.

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