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Frankfurt Trading Session Heads Up Monday, April 16, 2018

Frankfurt opening news digest

Trillion-dollar budget deficits will make next recession more painful

House Speaker Paul Ryan is leaving behind a looming $1 trillion budget deficit that will make the next recession harder to fight.


What Is China Doing To Pakistan? The Same Thing It Did To Sri Lanka

China is turning Pakistan into its own “semi-colony,” as it did recently with Sri Lanka, collecting tolls from every vehicle that passes through CPEC.


No Range Break in Sight Yet for EUR/USD

Tumult across the news wire is seemingly having little significant impact on the Euro – or the US Dollar . Neither has been the steep


Malaysian Ringgit Faces Local CPI & China GDP, USD/IDR May Fall

The Malaysian Ringgit faces a local CPI report and first quarter Chinese GDP data. USD/IDR faces the Bank of Indonesia rate decision; it is also


ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Range Break Puts 6,000 In Bulls’ Sights

The ASX 200 is flirting with a break of its recent short term trading range. If that break can be nailed down then 6,000 beckons


Gold Prices May Fall Despite Syria Jitters, US Retail Sales Due

Gold prices may turn lower from familiar chart resistance as the markets shrug off seemingly growing tensions in Syria. Soft US retail sales data may


Asia AM Digest: Syria Fears Abate, Yen Might Strengthen

After a lack of escalating tensions around Syria, the markets began this week in a relatively calm manner with small gaps. The Yen might strengthen


Australian Dollar Could Fight Back This Week If Data Hold Up

The Australian Dollar has fought back a little against its big US cousin, and this week could well see that process continue, if not overwhelm


Trump felt misled, angry over expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats: report

President Donald Trump erupted in anger when he learned the U.S. was expelling 60 Russian diplomats in March, while France and Germany were only expel


More than 20% of Trump re-election campaign spending going to legal fees

More than 20% of the money spent by President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign this year has gone to legal fees, according to Federal Election


Michael Cohen’s shell company also paid off woman in Broidy affair: report

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, used the same Delaware shell company to pay off two women over alleged affairs with his clien


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