Congressman: The budget bill is a ‘stunt’ and a ‘gimmick.’ Here’s why I voted for it anyway

“With that in mind, the House of Representatives voted Thursday on the Senate’s budget plan, called a budget “blueprint” in Washington-speak” writes Chris Maddaloni for In other words, the budget blueprint is simply a necessary procedural step required under Washington’s rules to eliminate a filibuster from Democrats and move forward with badly needed tax relief for families and businesses.It’s called a “blueprint” because in reality it’s just a proposal, not an actual budget like the ones families and businesses use in the real world.Yet as a member of Congress since 2011, it’s apparent that budgets in Washington generally mean absolutely nothing, because even when they’re passed, they’re almost always ignored.As a businessman who spent 30 years running companies and balancing budgets, I know firsthand that a business cannot thrive or survive without working within its fiscal framework.

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