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How to use Daily Option Expiry Levels

What is Daily Option Expiry Levels Daily Option Expiry Levels of the call or put option contracts can be used to hedge risk against a fluctuation in the exchange rate or to speculate on the option contract that may increase in value by the time of its expiry. For each option contract there is a seller and buyer. At the time of expiry settlement between the buyer and the seller takes place. If the exchange rate for put options at expiry is lower than the strike price of the contract…

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Bitmex trading strategies Crypto Strategies 

BITMEX Trading Strategies

Introduction This basic information can be useful for those traders who would like to start trading at BITMEX. Basic strategies Based on capital available, Bitcoin volatility, your risk management and trading style define your strategy: Perpetual Swap: Scalping/Swing trading. Best suited for agile traders with small capital and minimal market exposure who are willing to take high risks in exchange for quick profits. Procedure is simple and resembles spot trading: identify entry point and leverage, set your limit and stop orders accordingly. Take your profit or loss. Done. Perpetual Swap:…

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