Bossa Nova lands $17.5M funding to roll out robots in retail stores

“Inventory-taking robots could soon become a common sight in supermarket stores across the country, if a company called Bossa Nova Robotics Inc. gets its way” writes George Gilbert for Now, with more than $17 million in new funds, Bossa Nova said, it’s ready to expand its engineering and commercial teams with a view to scaling its robots and data services in more stores.The company, whose robots are already being tested in number of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. locations across the country, today closed on a $17.5 million Series B funding round.Essentially, Bossa Nova’s robots are automating a task that could previously only be performed by humans.The central task of its robots is to analyze the stock on stores’ shelves in order to help optimize inventories and ensure the availability of products.

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