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Bitcoin News Digest Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kidnapped Cape Town businessman still missing as kidnappers reportedly demand 50 Bitcoin in ransom

As the manhunt continues for those who kidnapped Cape Town businessman Liyaqat Parker, kidnappers have reportedly demanded a ransom in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Looks More Like Gold Than a Currency

The cryptocurrency is volatile, costly to store, hard to use and deflationary.


Bitcoin’s Price May Be Charting a Bull Reversal

Bitcoin (BTC) price could create a major bullish technical pattern in the next few days, technical charts indicate.

It’s a slightly confusing picture


Money Supply and Bitcoin Distribution

Supply and demand are the two most important forces in any market. As the first thing that kids learn when they begin studying economics, it is a tool that can be applied to almost anything.


Bitcoin’s Computing Power Growth Is Outpacing The Bitcoin Price

Last year’s surge in the bitcoin price will have pushed up bitcoin mining profitability…


Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD upside capped below $6,400, while still prime for losses

There was a recovery staged at the beginning of July which spread a ray for hope among investors following the overarching declines in June. Bitcoin d


Woman who once bought bitcoins for $300,000 cash in paper bags sent to prison

At one point, Theresa Tetley had an upstanding client named “Pirate Sh*t.”


The Case for Bitcoin Reaching $50K by the End of 2018

A hedge fund trader and Bitcoin researcher known for his online alias “Spook” recently released a simple Bitcoin prediction chart, making a solid


Bitcoin price LIVE: BTC dips after ‘bizarre’ Stiglitz comment but $60k rise STILL possible

BITCOIN had a day to forget yesterday, falling from $6,666 at the start of the day to $6,302. Experts have reacted to comments from Joseph Stiglitz claiming that regulation would send bitcoin down to $100, labelling the Nobel Prize winner’s claims – ‘bizarre’.


Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Potential Reversal Targets

Bitcoin continues to test an area of interest highlighted in a previous article, and a bounce could take it up to the Fibonacci extension levels.


Start-up exec says his call for $60,000 bitcoin is still possible this year

Julian Hosp, co-founder of TenX, sees bitcoin potentially hitting $60,000 even though the cryptocurrency is trading some 67 percent below its near-$20,000 December highs.


Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD is down 5% on daily basis, but Tom Lee still believes in $25,000 by the year-end

Bitcoin is changing hands at $6,359, off the recent low reached at $6,279. The coin is down 5% on daily basis with the market value reduced from $115.


Bitcoin is the best bet for cryptocurrency investors, says Wall Street trader

Bitcoin is still the best bet for digital currency investors, says Wall Street crypto trader Bart Smith.


Inside BitMOR, a new cryptocurrency mining company in South Dakota

BitMOR sells equipment and service to mine cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, from its South Dakota facility — part of a new industry sector in the state.


SEC comments about a proposed bitcoin ETF are ‘liiiiiiiiiit’

Who would have thought exchange-traded funds could inspire so much passion.


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Coinbase App Downloads Plummet Amid Bitcoin Price Decline

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the United States, is feeling the heat from the cryptocurrency price decline of 2018. Download figures for the platform’s app show that it isn’t as popular as it was at the start of the year.


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