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Bitcoin News Digest Thursday, April 5, 2018

Why Investors Are Betting Millions On Bitcoin Surveillance

Chainalysis, a vendor for the FBI and ICE, is the leader of the pack in the burgeoning cryptocurrency surveillance market.


Bitcoin is ‘worthless’ and will perform worse than stocks in the coming months, analyst says

“Bitcoin’s correlation with equity prices has strengthened recently, but we think that this will be just temporary. We still think that bitcoin is essentially worthless,” Capital Economics said.


Bitcoin Price Falls Below $6,800 in Struggle to Sustain Short-Term Momentum

Yesterday, on April 4, CCN reported that for the bitcoin price to uphold its corrective rally from the $6,000 region to $7,500, and to eye a move potentially to the $8,000 region, it would need to close the market at above the $7,000 mark.


A 200-Year-Old Idea Offers a New Way to Trace Stolen Bitcoins

Cambridge researchers point to an 1816 precedent that could fundamentally change how “dirty” Bitcoins are tracked.


India cracks down on bitcoin and hints it may launch its own digital currency

The cryptocurrency debate in India has turned on its head. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has initiated a crackdown on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, even as it considers a proposal for issuing its own digital currency. “It has been decided that, with immediate effect, entities regulated by RBI shall not deal with or provide services…


India shuts down Bitcoins, other virtual currencies, prohibits any dealing with banks

In the past, the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India have issued several warnings against dealing in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins, the former even comparing it with a Ponzi scheme.


Research: Ethereum is Proving More Popular than Bitcoin in India

Ethereum is more popular than Bitcoin according to the latest research by the Indian free internet provider, Jana.


Make or Break? Bitcoin Risks Bear Revival Below $6.5K

Bitcoin (BTC) fell below the $7,000 mark on Wednesday, neutralizing the immediate bullish outlook.

More worryingly for the bulls, a further decline t


Bitcoin and its crypto cousins are trading at their lowest prices in five months

Bitcoin is bumping around near the lowest prices recorded since November, as government watchdogs around the world more closely scrutinize the crypto sector. The market value of all digital tokens, which includes bitcoin as well as ethereum, ripple, stellar, and hundreds of other variations, has declined by more than $500 billion since its peak in…


Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies That You May Not Have Heard Of

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, but there are other cryptocurrencies that are also gaining popularity. Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoin, Dogecoin. What are the differences?


New Karate Combat League Arena Features Bitcoin Symbol

Karate Combat recently launched a professional combat league. The new league is meant to promote fighters from all around the world and showcase their fighting skills. One unique thing about the event, ‘Karate Combat: Inception’ is the fact there is a giant bitcoin symbol in the middle of the ring.


Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Busted in Bangkok

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief, there’s a lot to chew over. The crypto-coaster dazes Asian millennials, Kucoin asks some awkward questions + everyone wants to own an exchange.


Bitcoin Cash will usher global economic freedom, Roger Ver says

At the recently held Satoshi’s Vision conference in Tokyo, Japan, owner Roger Ver explained how he thinks the world governments have been encroaching upon the economic freedom of the people.


Dr. Craig Wright: With Bitcoin, the power is within

At the recently held Satoshi’s Vision conference in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Craig Wright explained how network topology works, and, in the process, debunked the notion that an outfitted Raspberry Pi can be used as a full Bitcoin node.


India Searches for Ethereum Over Bitcoin

For nearly half a year, India has been searching for the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) over its number one rival, bitcoin (BTC). At the end of February, researchers confirmed ETH searches were twice as likely as BTC.


Bitcoin vs Oil and Gold: There Is a Difference

The Game Isn’t Over Yet For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple And Litecoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are still a game that can make people rich and truly free, according to some experts.


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