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Bitcoin News Digest Sunday, April 15, 2018

After making a fortune in bitcoin, this 28-year-old realtor became a rapper known as CoinDaddy

Bitcoin rapper CoinDaddy left a career in commercial real estate to make music about bitcoin.


Old JavaScript Crypto Flaw Puts Bitcoin Funds at Risk

Security researchers are warning that old Bitcoin addresses generated in the browser or through JavaScript-based wallet apps might be affected by a cryptographic flaw that allows attackers to brute-force private keys, take control of users’ wallets, and steal funds.


China’s Bitmain Gets Approval for US Bitcoin Mining Operation

Bitmain is receiving 10 acres land in Walla Walla County and the opportunity to show the people its technological potential.


$25k, $91k and $250k Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions

The crypto markets are still breathing and firing on all cylinders through a weekend that was meant to test the volume that had pumped Bitcoin (BTC) o


Will Coinbase Report My Bitcoin Gains to the IRS?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen huge gains over the past year, and that’s left many first-adopting crypto-asset investors sitting on some


Why Leading Crypto Devs Don’t Work In Silicon Valley

“If you or your engineer friend is bored at BigTechCo, get in touch.”

The tweet, sent out by Coinbase vice president and general manager Dan Romero,


Why Monero (XMR) should be Preferred over Bitcoin (BTC)

I simply believe that Monero (XMR) is superior cryptocurrency just at the perfect time in terms of history – a time when adoption of cryptocurrencies is taking the stage.


The Bulls Are Back, Trump’s Petro Ban Backfires and Karmic Justice: This Week in Crypto

Make sure you check out last weeks post here, now let’s go over what happened in crypto this week.


What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

What is Bitcoin? Can I buy some? Is Bitcoin illegal?


Bitcoin Holds on to $8,000, with $9,000 looking out of reach for now

Bitcoin's on the move and manages to avoid an early pullback, with some profit taking after a solid week a possible obstacle in the way of a Bitcoin move towards $8,500 levels.


The Life and Times of the “Immortal” Bitcoin

For almost ten years, Bitcoin has survived many tragedies and withstood a wide range of negative factors that would have otherwise made it extinct. Si


Coinsource Is Deploying Bitcoin ATMs In the U.S. Capital

Public demand for Bitcoin ATMs continues to grow in the U.S. In response, and after a reportedly successful Q1, Coinsource, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks, is now deploying twenty machines in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


John McAfee stands by his Bitcoin [BTC] prediction for 2020 – says Fiat will devalue!

After the poor first quarter performance of Bitcoin [BTC], analysts say many “weak” hands have left the market and only the ones truly interested


Bitcoin price SURGE: Cryptocurrency value sees MASSIVE 16 per cent rise in just one week

BITCOIN has seen a major price surge over the past seven days as the cryptocurrency’s price rocketed by 16 per cent in a week to bring its value above $8,000 (£5,600)


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