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Bitcoin News Digest Friday, January 12, 2018

From bitcoin to central bankers, here’s how to manage market risk in 2018

From bitcoin bubbles to easy money withdrawal, here are tips for investing in a potentially bumpy year, says UBS’s Mark Haefele.


KFC Accepts Bitcoin In Canada Now

The “Bitcoin Bucket” costs .0011204 BTC and comes with two dips.


Why Is South Korea Spooking the Global Bitcoin Market?

The government says it is looking at banning virtual currency trades. But it isn’t clear whether, or how quickly, it will follow through.


Bitcoin Eyes Consolidation as Price Flirts with $14K

Bitcoin’s price is back around $14,000 and is eyeing a short phase of rangebound trading.

Despite yesterday’s bearish price action, the sell-off in t


Is Bitcoin Dying as a Payment Option?

While it may be a hugely investable asset, Bitcoin is venturing further away from being a functional currency | News | Cointelegraph


Bitcoin At $1 Million? Fat Chance

Seeking Alpha contributor Victor Dergunov recently wrote an article on Bitcoin’s path to $1 million. I don’t see this happening. Bitcoin has its place in the wo


Bitcoin malware removed from UW-Madison servers; services restored

UW System schools reported security concerns around activity on WebLogic web servers on December 29. UW Madison discovered that three servers had c


Jonas Schnelli Wants You to Run a Bitcoin Full Node

That’s the maximum load some personal laptops will store. It’s also roughly the amount of space the bitcoin blockchain currently requires.

These bloa


Bitcoin: The Big Short Is Already Here And It Could Get Far Worse

While some retail investors are taking out mortgages to buy Bitcoin many institutional market participants are stacking up massive bets against the digital asse


How to buy ripple, one of the hottest bitcoin competitors

If you thought bitcoin was hot, maybe you should learn about ripple. It’s another crytocurrency that’s been rocketing in popularity lately.


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