Bishop Briggs’ Former Manager & Producers File Lawsuit Claiming Breach of Contract

“In addition to developing Briggs’ career, and advancing the money to do so, Robertson connected the singer with producers Mark Jackson and Ian Scott — who are also listed as plaintiffs” writes Colin Stutz for The plaintiffs are also claiming breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, promissory estoppel, tortious interference and declaratory judgment against Briggs and McLaughlin.As things started to pick up, the plaintiffs drafted a production agreement with their jointly owned company Teleport Records and Briggs, solidifying their recording agreement in order to begin releasing music.Furthermore, the plaintiffs allege that Briggs herself has previously breached their agreement when she entered into a merchandising deal in 2016 that violated the production agreement’s terms.Under that deal, they would be entitled to 30 percent of merchandising profits, which they say Briggs failed to pay them, claiming unjust enrichment.

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