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“Big Tech” foe George Soros just stocked up on Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix

“The Soros Fund Management bought 51,200 shares of Amazon, worth $74.1 million, in a three-month period that ended March 31” reports It was an interesting pickup, because Soros dumped all of his Amazon stock in late 2017.To make space for all its shiny new holdings, Soros cleared out some clutter—he dumped 34,100 shares of Twitter.Soros’s fund also loaded up on 20,800 Alphabet shares (even after denouncing Google) and Netflix, adding another 148,500 shares in the first quarter of this year to its already substantial Netflix holdings.Well, sort of: The Soros Fund Management bought $35 million worth of Tesla’s convertible notes, a.k.a. bonds that can be converted into a specified number of common stock in March 2019, per CNBC. Tesla isn’t the only stock that Soros added to his shopping cart, according to an SEC filing released on Tuesday.

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